Car Battery Knowledge

Publish: 2017-06-23  Views: 97

Under normal circumstances, the car battery life of 2 years to 3 years, the new car battery can use more than 3 years. But in actual use, many new owners because of some improper car small habits, resulting in battery quickly power.

Car battery maintenance precautions

(1) parking flameout, forget to turn off the car lights, which is a lot of new owners easy to make small mistakes. After the battery after a night of consumption, at any time may not power, can not start the car. In this case, you can try charging the battery if conditions permit. If not, the battery may need to be replaced. Try not to use the CD when the vehicle is not activated, cigarette lighter and other electrical equipment, driving the process also use a variety of automotive appliances.

(2) Most owners are accustomed to the air conditioning or air conditioning with the vehicle automatically start after the start, which will cause each time the vehicle's ignition switch, the air conditioning system will automatically start the work, the result is a direct result of vehicle instantaneous power load is too high , A long time will cause damage to the battery. The correct habit should be, each time you reach the destination, turn off the A / C button, let the cold wind blow a few minutes to ensure that the air conditioning system internal dry and reduce the breeding of bacteria. And then turn off the air before turning off the flame. After each car, then start air conditioning.

(3) If your car's sound system is modified, fitted with a high-power sound, then be careful. Maintenance master pointed out that in the absence of the case, the idler to listen to high-power sound will also bring a very high load to the battery.

(4) Do not start the engine every 3 seconds. If the first start fails, do not rush to start again and again. From the working principle of the car, at this time to start the motor will certainly cause the battery over discharge and damage. The master suggested that the time interval should be more than 5 seconds.

(5) generally close to the end of life of the battery, the owner can feel in the driving, such as the car parked a few days found no fire, fuel consumption increased in the summer air conditioning driving feeling increased car burden, car Shen, fuel consumption increased significantly Wait. Owners in the battery cycle of about two and a half years, routine maintenance should be detected on the battery, which can play a preventive role.